Thursday , November 15 2018

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When is Credit note updated to?

Credit Note

When is Credit note updated to? We are waiting for a short application period when we are in demand from banks like credit card or credit card. During this period, the banks examine the criteria for the application for the applicant. The most important of these criteria is the credit grade. The credit …

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Credit Note Upgrading

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Banks and other financial institutions respond instantly to branches of the bank and other banking channels in order to provide immediate service to consumers’ requests. It is possible to make almost all banking transactions via telephone banking, mobile banking, internet banking, SMS and ATMs, as well as making credit and card …

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What Happens to the Loan of the Dead Person?

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What Happens to the Loan of the Dead Person? The debts of people who lose their lives during a loan withdrawal are shaped by different processes. First of all, if the person has life insurance for himself / herself , this can be covered by the insurance company. However, if the loan is withdrawn without participating in such …

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