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How Many Months Does Your Credit Rating Rise?

In today’s conditions , loans with products and banking have begun to take place among the sine qua non . We are trying to take advantage of almost all the products banks offer, including loans and credit cards . Bank products are safe enough not to be a problem when used correctly. After you know how to use it, there is no possibility to have trouble with the banks after you have made your payment plan regular and nice . However, in certain cases, we may be able to reduce our credit ratingit can start to approach us more moderately. Of course, this is one of the most important rules that our credit memo is high for submitting bank products that we have counted. How to raise the credit rating in such cases ? What we need to raise the credit rating and we willlook for answers to questions such as how many months the credit rating will rise .

What Should be the Minimum Number of Credit Notes?

Banks have more than one evaluation criteria. These criteria may also vary from bank to bank. To give an example of this situation, banks have a limit on the interest rates, the product range and a credit note required for the approval of these products . For example, ING Bank is applying high interest rate for low credit ratings and low interest rate for high credit ratings. It might be wrong to say a clear thing about how your credit score should be in such a situation.

However, this does not mean that anyone with a low credit rating can benefit from the products. Your credit rating should be at least 1200 for banks . This limit is by no means a rule or law. For example, a bank can give credit to a customer with a credit rating of1000. However, the average credit rating is 1200. If we need to translate into Turkish , we can approach this credit score as “neither good nor bad” . Additional collateral from banks with this credit ratingyou may ask. For example, if your credit score is over 1300, you will not have any problems or problems using bank products again. The notes above 1500 are very valuable customers in the eyes of the banks. To learn your credit score, you can also read How To Learn My Credit Letter .

How Many Months Does Your Credit Rating Rise?

How many months will this credit rating increase ? Due to reasons that are not at your disposal, your credit rating may have been reduced by your development. If you need an urgent loan , this low credit rating can also cause your credit to be rejected because it negatively affects your record. There are various methods and certain rules for the upgrading of the credit memos. First of all, if you want your credit score to rise, you should adjust your payments and you should take care not to make a late payment after this step. Your credit card usage should be regular and your payments must be organized in the same manner. Making your daily money purchases through banks will affect your credit score in the positive direction.

If you take care of all these and put your bank product usage into practice, your credit score will be restored within at least 1, at most 3 months. However, this does not apply to people who are legally enforced. It takes a little more time for an individual who goesinto legal action to correct his / her record. Although we need to list the methods we have listed above,

  • On the day of the payments and regularly done,
  • Regular use of credit card,
  • Payment over the minimum amount on payment days,
  • If you have the opportunity to reset your debts,
  • Make daily money purchases from bank channels.

The most effective of these methods will be to close your existing debts in one place . If you have low debt and you are eligible for payment, you can make early payments and increase your grade by closing them at once. Banks will look at early payments in a positive light. Thank you for reading our article, you can send us your comments on the comments section below.

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