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If the Bank Debtor is not paid, will the imprisonment come? - image banka-borcu-odenmezse-hapis-cezasi-gelir-mi-bankablog-com-640x427 on

If the Bank Debtor is not paid, will the imprisonment come?

If the Bank Debtor is not paid, will the imprisonment come?

If the bank does not pay the debt, will the prison sentence come? Do I get a prison sentence if the bank is not paid? Do you get a prison sentence if the debts are not paid? We have been informed about information about the prison sentence due to bank debts and information about the 2018 commitment violation laws. Today, the number of people who do not work with banks is very small. The same is true for the number of people who have problems with banks even when this is the case. In short, the number of people living with the bank is also small. These people may have problemsusing the products of the banks and there may be disruptions in their payments. What would be the sanctions in such cases? As it is the case, people come to imprisonment if the wisdom of the bank debt is not paidthe question is coming. Is there a prison sentence if the bank is not paid? Would you be sentenced for bank debts? You will find answers to your questions and you can read them until the end of the article.

If the Bank Debtor is not paid, it will be a prison sentence?

First of all, you need to know whether banks are in legal follow- up. If your debts to a bank have not been paid and have entered into legal proceedings , the bank will call you very soon. Perhaps you can also look for an overdue debt when you are at an asset company . It is always advantageous to be cool in such situations. The bank or lawyerwill ask you to pay your debt within 7 days of your call. During this interview, you can ask whether you have a payment power and whether you have install options. If the bank or lawyer offers the installment option on your debt , then you will not have a problem if you do your payment on the specified dates.

However, if you have done all of these transactions and still can not pay your debt, the lawyer will go to question your assets and will be willing to collect the debt in such a way by learning about the assets of your property. If you do not have any immovables on your side and your insured person is working, your bank will put a foreclosure on your salary . This amount is determined to not exceed 1 in 4 of your salary and is deducted from your salary monthly.

However, if you do not have an insured job and salary, and if the bank can not collect debt from you in this way, we can still say that there is no fear. No one can keep you from your freedom because your bank debt is not paid. As stated in the 8th paragraph of Article 38 of the Turkish Constitution,  ” No one can not be held for freedom because he can not fulfill an obligation arising only from a contract “ .

Caution: Do not relax immediately after this point! If you have made an agreement with the bank and have signed papers that have been preliminarily placed before you have read it, these situations may bring you with imprisonment. Even if you have a hard time paying for it, do not sign it before you have read any documents that have been posted. Even if the bank employee uses words like this for the configuration, read it yourself and consult your lawyer if there is anything unreasonable! Never sign under the papers you do not know about without consulting your lawyer!


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