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Is the person who is the guarantor an executive income?

Is the person who is the guarantor an executive income?

Employees of the bank may , in some cases, ask for guarantor from you during the use of the loan. You can also get a guarantor when you apply for a loan to increase your credit approval without asking the bank employee . Vouchers’ signatures are at least as important as your credit record. As such, individuals who are able to use the loans with the help of the guarantor or those who vouch for the credit of the friend of the spouse come to the question “does the person who guarantor comes to the execution of the person ” question? Vouchers may be experiencing this often. If you are the guarantor of the loan, the person has not paid the loan, which may have put you in a difficult situation. So it did come to the person who vouched for execution?

Is Individual Credit Guarantee Income?

When banks evaluate credit , they first look at your credit note and your financial position . If your financial situation does not make sense to use your credit, you can apply for additional collateral. One of these applications is the voucher . Your bank may ask for a voucher from you, and the credit will be taken back to you. Of course, the person who will use the credit, as well as the person who will vouch for the credit, must have a high credit rating and good financial condition. Voucher means the main person who borrowed after the actual debt . So if the original borrower does not pay the borrower, the responsibility of the borrower is entirely on the guarantor.

For these reasons, you need to be fully aware of the person you will be sponsoring and fully aware of the power of payment. Because if this person does not pay the debts tomorrow then the first door will be the guarantor if he can not collect his money after the bank follow-up. I will explain this sequence in a simple order. Does the voucher come to the Executive? Is it possible that someone who is a guarantor can be seized? Let us ask your questions like answers.

If the borrower is not paid, the bank will contact the bank within certain periods of time and ask the borrower to pay the loan. If the debt is still not paid in this process, legal follow-up procedures will be initiated and your debts will be deducted. The lawyer tries to collect primarily the debts from the debt. If the debt does not have the power to pay, the property on it will be questioned in the bank. If he has, his salary can be foreclosed . If you do not have one of these options, the lawyer will start the second search. The property on the guarantor, the money in the bank, and if there is a payday may be foreclosed. If the answer is yes, the person with the credit debt may come into execution.

For this reason, you should choose the person who is the guarantor well. If this person does not pay the debts, it is important to remember that this debt is directly related to you and that you are in debt entirely with you.

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